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Stainless Steel Stone Cladding System

The EUROPOFIX anchor process is a fixing system for natural stone slab facade stone like slabs of natural stone, granite, marble and reconstituted stone (Palazzo), provided they satisfy the conditions required to be implemented on facades and according to the field of use of the EUROPOFIX process.

The process is designed to overcome the irregularities of the concrete support by providing a capacity of adjustment in three space dimensions to ensure the desired flatness of the facade.

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A company for grupo SCARS.

Why we use these systems


These systems were conceived to be used on irregular facades, irregular planes. These system´s tridimensional adjustment capability allows for the cladding to be perfectly aligned.

Ever more used in modern bulding, these systems are now-a-days a more efficient solution in solving thermal isolation of buildings, allowing at the same time to achieve high estechtics results as well as functional wise.

The ventilated facede system may be defined as a protection and coating of building facades.



Caracterized by the between the wall of the bulding and it´s coating, creating a "moving air chamber".

This chimney effect results in a constant natural ventilation, allowing the hot air to be pushed upwards, forced by the cold air that comes in..

This systems, regardless of the type, are made from stainless steel A2 (AISI 304) or A4 (AISI 31 6).



This method avoids common problems like humidity and natural condensations and consequently achieve a higher thermal comfort

Another advantage is the easy and quick assembly and also the possibility of using the space for electrical instalations as well as plumming.

These systems do not have a specific use, they can be used in all sorts of buildings, weather it´s a new bulding or something being refurbished.


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Europofix produces fixing systems with quick adjustment tools, mortar anchor fixing systems,and a vast array of special fixing systems. Our products are made from stainless steel 304 (A2) with the possibility to be built of 316(A4).

The comapny was born on September 2009 as Europofix, Lda, becoming Europofix, S.A. in December of the same year.
We manufacture all kinds of fixing systems for natural stone cladding.
Our company has a production capacity of around 7000 fixing systems a day, with different sizes.

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Pata Mecânica PR

Europofix wide range of products allows an easy adjustment in depth, between the wall and the fixing axis.

This regulation is achieved through a rivet bolt wich is stuck to the anchor fixing system, wich in turn rotates the mortar anchor fixing system, through a special key, either moving closest or further away from the stone cladding.


Anchor fixing system for small and medium loads.

-30x3mm section
-Screwed stud
-Rivet bolt
-Stud with jamb and plastic sleeve

Material: Stainless steel 304 ou 316, under quote.

* Permissible loads affected by a safety factor of 1.5 determined by LNEC
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Omega Anchor fixing system

This is a ceiling anchor fixing system.
The fixing system´s body has two points for securing in a way that divides the weight.



Supplied in the package:

-1 Body
-1 screwed stud
-1 stud with 5mm
-1 plastic sleeve
-2 nuts M10

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Mortar anchor fixing system

These fixing systems are also used to support cover elements on facades such as natural stone, marble or granite, with a system that is both simple and economical.


Material: Stainless steel A2 (AISI 304) ou 316, under quote.


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Fixing C rail system


Material: Stainless steel A2 (AISI 304) ou 316, under quote.


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Expansion bolt



Screwed stud



Cilindrical Stud


Plastic Sleeve


Rail nut


Washer for rail


Fixing anchor zero - zero


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Special Anchor Fixing Systems


Demonstation of a special anchor system for the substitution of a single stone


Fixing C rail system


Fixing and retaining brackets for massive stones


Fixing brackets


PV Fixing system with propeller


PR Fixing system with propeller


Fixing system for pillars


Fixing system for corners


Lintels and doorposts special fixing system

Fixing systems used at the corners of the surfaces to cover.
The airbox is adjusted through a screwed stud with nut and a locknut.


Special fixing C system

This fixing system is used, amoung other things, to hide vales.


Displaced fixing system

Fixing system used for displaced fixation points.

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Types of fixations



Each stone should be considered as a single element, as it can suffer dilations in three directions.

There is a minimal gap of 2 mm between the flat part of the screwed stud
and the upper part of the stone below.

The stone can be lowered in order to cover up the screwed stud, and still keep the 2 mm gap.


Horizontal joints


Consider the weight of the stone and divide it by 2.


Vertical joints

Consider both case scenerios:
- Each fixing system supports P/2 if the lower joint is for expansion.
- Without the lower expansion it is considered that a fixing system supports the total weight.

With the use of three fixing systems by unit, we consider that: Only two actually support the load.


Stud and plastic sleeve

The stud has a jamb to auto-center, allowing the expansion of the stone.
The plastic sleeve (closed in one of the tops) is placed on the inside of the stone in a way that it prevents the glue/resin from leaking in, consequently blocking the system.

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